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RideNow Ultralight Bicycle TPU 36g Inner Tube 65MM

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  • Weight 36g
  • Material TPU
  • Size: 700 x 18/32c (Recommended range of application)
  • Valve length French 65mm
  • For rim brake and disc brake wheelsets
  • For road bike tyres 18-32mm wide
  • Reduced rolling resistance
  • The inner tube should not be inflated a lot when the outer tire is not installed, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage.

Before installation, slightly inflate to check for air leakage.

When installing, please inflate 0.5PSI first, make sure the inner tube is close to the inner wall of the tire when inflating, and then press and adjust the inner tube.

If the vacant pump exceeds 6PSI, the expansion will not be repaired, and it is strictly forbidden to exceed 6PSI without the tire installed.

Sold out!

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