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Welcome To Winspace Cycling Australia - Official Distributor

Winspace Cycling Australia (WCA) are the official Australian distributor for Winspace and Lún Performance Wheel products from the renowned Xiamen based manufacturer Winspace CC. Winspace are specialists in high end carbon bike frames and wheelsets with over a decade of experience in manufacturing for other western brands.

Winspace Cycling Australia was created with the mission to allow all Australia customers to buy with confidence and getting quick after sales support within Australia through us directly, or through one of our authorised dealers. We work closely with experience bike shop owner operators and wheel builders in Australia.

 The team at Winspace Cycling Australia were consumers of Winspace products first and foremost before becoming the official distributor in Australia. We chose to represent this amazing brand due to the first hand consumer experience and having sold more than a thousand of these amazing wheel sets to very happy customers. We also have extensive knowledge of the products inside out, including the technical aspect if needed.

Professional Team

Meet Our Team


Law Wai Keong

Technical Director

Thomas Foo

Managing Director

Keith Goh

Chief Mechanic